Why It’s Great to Be a Realtor

It’s a phenomenal time to be a real estate agent! Despite the housing market crash and the beginning of the recession several years ago, real estate agents are finding new success as the economy has started to recover and sales have started to rise. As the housing market bounces back from the 2008 financial crisis, the National Association of Realtors found that the number of agents registered with their organization is actually 8% lower than it was when the financial crisis started.


What does this mean for brand new realtors and those who powered through the shakedown in 2008? It means newfound success for those who persevered. Since there are currently a lower number of agents navigating the world of real estate, it is the opportune time for new agents to build successful businesses. Rising sales and prices are now increasing real estate agents’ average commission on sales, and the average income for real estate agents has risen a whopping thirty-eight percent since the financial crisis in 2008. For those motivated and dedicated individuals who fought through hard times, this is proof that hard work truly does pay off.

For those up-and-coming agents who are just now entering the business of realty, there are many reasons why it’s a great time to be realtor, besides the fact that the timing is impeccable. While success in the real estate business does not come easy, it is a field that is unique because it provides an opportunity for driven and ambitious individuals to cultivate their own success. As a realtor, you are your own boss, and your achievements are solely based on your passion and dedication to your work. Needless to say, realty is a perfect field for individuals who are ambitious, determined, and passionate about creating success. As a real estate agent, you are responsible for building your own future, and creating the type of business that you want to create.


Being a real estate agent is different from many other fields of business because it allows immense room for personal development and growth. You must be willing to challenge yourself in order to become a more successful agent, and there are times when you must accept failure and do your best to learn from it. Not every sale will go through; not every client will be easy to work with; not every commission will be as big as you want it to be. However, if you can view each experience as a learning opportunity and dedicate yourself to improvement, there are endless opportunities to become successful in the business of real estate. The sky is truly the limit, and the opportunities for personal development are endless. If you are willing to work through the challenges, then you will truly enjoy the fruits of your labor, and get the opportunity to see more successful sales, more happy clients, and a higher salary.

Being a realtor is about so much more than making transactions and finding unique properties—it’s about helping others find their happiness.

Not only does real estate provide opportunities for personal growth and development, it also provides diverse business opportunities. As a realtor, you may prefer to deal with businesses and corporations, high-end vacation properties, summer rentals, fixer-upper properties, or simply family homes. There are boundless different types of properties and clients that you have the potential to work with, and the best part is, you get to choose! Whether you are passionate about working with families or revamping old properties, there are a variety of diverse business opportunities to become involved in as a real estate agent. Every day in realty is a new adventure. No two clients or properties are the same; therefore you have the freedom to navigate each new client and property how you choose.


However, perhaps the best part of being a real estate agent is that you will find a purpose and a deeper meaning in your work. Being a realtor is about so much more than making transactions and finding unique properties—it’s about helping others find their happiness. It is absolutely essential for real estate agents to be passionate about people and contributing to the happiness of others. All great real estate agents build a meaningful network of relationships, not only with clients, but also with others in their field, such as contractors, insurance providers, designers, and lenders. By building these meaningful relationships, you can expand your business to new heights and also ensure that you are giving your clients the best experience possible.

Being a realtor is about providing great customer service, and great customer service comes down to expansive knowledge and genuine authenticity. If you can dedicate yourself to cultivating these qualities in your own business, then you will experience the joy of satisfying your clients in every sale. Realty is an amazing field for those who are passionate about people, building relationships, and finding their purpose in making others happy.

At the end of the day, realty isn’t a job for everyone, but if you are a motivated, driven, dedicated, creative, and warm-hearted person, then you will reap the rewards of the realty business. Being a real estate agent provides endless opportunities for individuals to experience the satisfaction of not only creating success for themselves, but contributing to the contentment and well-being of those that they work with. It’s a job that’s flexible, diverse, adaptable, and ever changing. For those that are adventurous and ambitious enough to take on the challenge and cultivate their accomplishments, it is a truly rewarding occupation filled with purpose and passion.