The Smartest Remodeling Projects for Homeowners to Complete

Remodeling projects can be exciting for homeowners, which allows them to personalize their home with their particular taste in mind. Remodeling can lead to creativity in customizing and enhancing certain rooms, creating more space or making an older property look more modern. Here are some smart projects homeowners can consider which can be both new and affordable ways to make your dream home come to life.

Remodeling homes can be a worthwhile hobby for homeowners; it assures that their dollars will garner better returns when it comes time to sell, and in the meantime, they can enjoy the beauty of their home.

Elegant Kitchen

Families spend a lot of their time in the kitchen and dining areas, which are rooms that homeowners usually focus on first when remodeling parts of their houses. Remodels can range from small to big, depending on what the homeowner has in mind. Gourmet kitchens can instantly have a new look with small changes such as purchasing new cabinets, to even investing in new appliances like ovens, stoves and refrigerators. Other changes that can be made are putting in new countertops and flooring, adding and changing kitchen furniture, putting in a breakfast nook… the options are vast! Many kitchen remodeling projects can be done by homeowners themselves and different kitchen appliances can be found inexpensively at retail outlet stores or online. The kitchen is a wonderful place to invest money in, as it is the heart of the home.

Tiled glass shower

Similar to kitchens, bathrooms are also popular places in homes that can be remodeled at affordable prices. Just changing the paint color can make bathrooms feel completely transformed and appear even bigger. Changes like new color schemes or even re-tiling are a great start. A quality paint job and nice architectural detail like adding in crown molding or wainscoting can be both easy and add a timeless look to your home. Simple fixtures such as adding a new mirror and light fixtures can also make bathrooms look updated and on trend.

Simple but beautiful flower garden

For homeowners who enjoy their backyards, love being outdoors and use their outdoor space as a gathering space to entertain guests and family, countless remodeling projects can be completed to spruce up your space. Small projects such as creating flowerbeds, shrubs, rose gardens, buying a fire pit and even purchasing a grill can change the look of a backyard. If you are looking to make more specific alterations, stoning a patio or building a deck are also great ideas that contribute to the atmosphere and overall feel of your yard. Building a wood deck can also be a smart addition that creates a natural transition from indoor to outdoor spaces. Small improvements to yards have big impacts and add value.

Converting an unused space such as an attic into an additional bedroom and bathroom can be beneficial and less expensive than building an addition to a house. Even though the cost might be steep, it is less expensive than building an extra room and you won’t lose any yard space. Renovating a basement can also provide extra room and beneficial bonus space that can be created into a playroom or even a wet bar and lounge. Converting your basement and attic puts your home into a different category; as a seller, you can charge more, as you’ve instantly added equity and square footage into your home. If home lacks large, spacious walk-in closets or has very little storage space, you can increase its efficiency with closet organizers, which are very affordable, as a way to save money by not having to create extra closets or space for storage.

Front door

Replacing your front door is another clever way to transform the look and feel of your home very quickly. Old exterior doors can also be a huge source of energy loss, which is why many homeowners find it effective and convenient to change their front doors. According to Remodeling Magazine’s Cost V. Value Report, homeowners who install a steel door can expect to recoup nearly 97 percent of the cost when the home sells. Switching from an existing wood door to a steel door requires less maintenance and can raise your home’s resale value. Steel doors improve overall security and have better insulation. Replacing your garage door can also boost the appeal of the front exterior of your home. Choosing garage doors that match the style of your home is an important factor when deciding what you want.

Curb appeal

Front yard “facelifts” are also smart and effective ways to make your house look more appealing. Whether its making a nice paver walkway or simply adding planters, keeping your front yard looking fresh and clean adds nice curb appeal and is inexpensive. Walkways and driveways can become stained by different environmental factors, with a thorough power washing; these basic procedures can make your home look brand new. Many homeowners remodel their front yards for reasons such as making their home stand out, and it shows the rest of the neighborhood that you take pride in your home and the area you live in.

Window Replacement

Replacing windows are also a great way to make your house look beautiful and are energy efficient, if you choose the right ones. Whether you are replacing vinyl or wood-frame windows, you can get up to 79 percent return on your investment when selling your home. According to Energy Star, adding energy-efficient windows can save you up to $500 or more a year in heating and cooling costs. Make sure you are letting as much natural light as possible into your home and that your window treatments do not block or hide any oversized windows.
Investing a little at a time, with affordable projects can give homeowners significant improvements in how their homes look and feel to not only them, but also to future buyers as well.