The Best Way to Use the “The Power of One More”

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Hello, people. Welcome to the REH Real Estate Youtube channel. It’s possible to have a productive business and improve the bottom line of your company with just one simple activity. Simply doing something that you think is insignificant at first glance could, in fact, make a big difference to your bottom line and success.

Ed Mylett’s book, The Electrical power of A single Additional: The Greatest Information to Pleasure and Results, proposes you’re closer to your plans than you think and by adding one more thing, it is possible to achieve anything you desire. If you want more of this content, Real Estate Heaven fan, subscribe to the REH Real Estate Youtube channel and hit the notification bell.


Real Estate Heaven REH The best way to use The Power of One More 1“The seven ‘one mores’ are ways to help make your real estate business better.

Real estate-related discussions are the foundation of success for our companies. The more conversations you have, the potential for results increases.

So, could a single person actually make a difference? Let’s look at the compound effect of this principle.

Obtaining 1 more Facebook discussion each working day, five times a week, and 51 weeks a 12 months can lead to 250 extra conversations. If we use the industry standard of 5 conversations leading to 1 transaction, then this means each one additional conversation led to 5 transactions for the year.

For this instance, let’s suppose your typical price would be $400,000. Depending on the 3% fee, this common sale would make $12,000 in gross fees. Also, for this example, let’s use an 80% commission break up.

With these assumptions, every transaction would be worth $9,600 to you and the 5 extra transactions that could arrive have a high probability of increasing your bottom line by an additional $48,000.


The agent that provides the most value to homeowners is rewarded with the potential to aid create a lot more listings. Homeowners are much happier with a home valuation generated by an current appraisal, rather than an in depth market evaluation. Giving one more CMA produced a massive variation in my small business.

My last quarter of 2018 was my final quarter in gross sales before changing to this current setting. I recorded and sent unsolicited videos to each and every customer of 72 different homes that I visited during these few months.

I generated more than $11 million in online listings by analyzing 72 unsolicited leads that came into my office each day. The sheer abundance of leads exceeds all other methods of lead generation, and I wholeheartedly believe it is a pillar within any agent’s business strategy.


Real Estate Heaven REH The best way to use The Power of One More CoupleLearn about the unsolicited CMA system that I used.

A single far more open property

The prospects for agents to appear experience-to-face with possible buyers and sellers are slim. Agents should sell as many homes this summer months as they can because people are visiting houses left and right.

After C.S. Lewis predicted that most people don’t need to be taught they will need reminding, this is your reminder that you should open up the house and host one more party.

One particular more coffee or capture-up meal

If you are interested in raising a thriving real estate small business, then concentrate on building more and deeper relationships. Interactions arrive by way of time invested together with other people, and meeting for coffee or breakfast is a fantastic way to invest time with neighbors who presently know, like, and trust you.

It’s a good idea to meet with potential leads and previous customers over breakfast or lunch. It has been shown that these types of meetings lead to more connections, referrals, and long-lasting customer relationships.


Spend with your current clients, and their referrals will help expand your business.

“Farming is the foundational strategy for virtually all effective realtors.” When you are a new, non-farming realtor, buying and farming is not easy. Buying your 1st farm, starting to farm with benefits, or expanding your primary farmland could help set yourself up for successful business operations.

Geographical farming is a tried out and accurate technique for adding the player’s farm to their authentic estate. For business enterprise, introducing just one more farm region will lead to achievements. If you are not certain where to start or what to do, read about this short article.


Real Estate Heaven REH The best way to use The Power of One More ManA single extra video clip

With the web and more user-friendly apps, videos are more affordable nowadays. Videos can also be produced after a time efficient AI is used to create unique content. These clips don’t need to be overproduced, they can just be low resolution video clips. Here are a few “one more” video ideas that you might want consider when creating your next video:

Sending a selfie birthday desire by using textual content instead of on social media

Recording your display and providing a customized, unsolicited CMA as stated earlier mentioned

A online video wander-by of a dwelling just hitting the market to a probable customer

Sending a congratulations video clip for any exclusive instances that you might see posted on social media

Recording a marketplace update video clip that you email to your people or your database


Putting up a video stroll-via of the residence you are internet hosting an open up household in to social media

Sending 1 additional personalized online video will deepen present associations and attract additional perfect clients.

Just one additional thank you

Maya Angelou said people really don’t care about how much you know until they’ve seen how much you care. Do the people around you or that you have served as a client know just how much you care? Sending a handwritten thank you note or verbally thanking another person changes you and also these around you.

Declaring thank you can create a mindset of gratitude. For relations, it has particular benefits like creating personal relationships by becoming more sociable and finding people to give part.

One study of gratitude in a recent article from Harvard Medical College talks about this. They say, “Gratitude is strongly and constantly linked with bigger happiness” and the effects of that on individuals. It increases their health and wellness, helps them to deal with adversity and it makes for better relationships.


Real Estate Heaven REH The best way to use The Power of One More SalesThe principle of demonstrated appreciation is powerful in any context, but especially online. If you show someone even a little care, they will reciprocate that gesture with a benefit to you. This is why it’s so important to vote up on content you like as well. It’s also called the law of reciprocity because reciprocating favors for people starts a chain reaction that leads to satisfying interactions.

Adults encounter many times where they feel a sense of indebtedness to others, the most efficient way to show your appreciation is by sending referrals or new business to Realtors. Based on that data, who can you thank right now?

You will be able to easily deepen relationships within your business and personal life by adding a single get-together or one more video. Use these windows of open up possibility to make a positive change in your organization.

What Ed Mylett has learned in the course of his life—a result of more than 30 years of success and failure, collaborations and wins—is used to help high performers thrive through their game-changing careers.

This book is the first of its kind, revealing how you can combine thoughts and actions to unlock dynamic and impactful changes.


Real Estate Heaven REH The best way to use The Power of One More WomanThe Power of One More was created to inspire people to live their best life. With a simple premise, it is more effective than you may think.

In his book, Ed lays out dozens of practical strategies that a person can use to transform their life from average to extraordinary. Readers will learn about the power of developing one more habit, fighting through one more inconvenience, creating one more identity, building one more relationship, and many others.

Ed’s book also discusses his relationship with his father and how they learned a priceless life lesson together: the power of “One Last One More.”

Strategies from The Power of One More are universal and can be implemented in your personal, professional, or community life.  Within the book, there are processes and suggestions that exist outside of specific contexts in order to improve them.

A road map to control and achieve personal and professional goals, The Power of One More is excellent for any individual who wants to realize their greatness and value as a human being.


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