Seven Texts You Can Send To Your Buyers

Let be honest. We know the stats. We know our clients content. We realize that most of the time their phones are within arm’s reach, even in the bathroom. So for what reason don’t more agents exploit this correspondence tactic?

KWKLY Text to Lead can convey potential customer phone numbers ideal to your cell phone. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true, the most fundamental bit of contact info can come to you. We reveal to you HOW in this article. In any case, what is stopping agents from leveraging texting in their marketing?

1. Might you want to see the inside of that home?

Of course they need to see the inside of that home. They’re most likely standing before it on the off chance that they’re using KWKLY to accumulate the information. This message says that you are prepared to help them.

2. What are your real estate plans for the year?

This works extremely well. There is a considerable measure going on with this question. It is certainly not what they’re expecting which is what it’s about. Sending a subtle message that you are not high pressure doesn’t hurt either.

3. Is it true that you are by chance interested in an incredible arrangement?

Who isn’t? This should trigger a response. You are letting them realize that you are the region expert and have the inside track on everything real estate. In the event that they don’t need an awesome arrangement, overlook them! You would prefer not to work with them at any rate.

4. Fill me in as to whether you need to see the best properties around you?

Each buyer wants to know their agent has a pulse on the market. This says without you having to play personal cheerleader.

5. What are your 3 most loved neighborhoods?

What you are saying here is “I need to work for you!” If they feel you have their best intentions in mind, you will win their business.

6. How would you like to be reached?

Basic courtesy goes far toward building and maintaining trust.

7. Fill me in regarding whether there are some other homes you need to see the inside of?

First impressions last. Out of the door, you are letting them know you are here to help them en route.

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