We have some exciting news – We are going to be sharing our real estate expertise with you here, on our new video blog.

I’m extremely excited about this chance to pass along some valuable real estate knowledge to all of you. Each month, I’ll send two video emails addressing local real estate market trends, as well as information on lending and title industries, as they affect all of us. I’ll also provide some varied tips for navigating the world of real estate, because all of these industries are intertwined.

To take full advantage of the real estate market, it’s important to have knowledge of each of them.


It’s important to have knowledge of all these industries.


Rather than guess what’s on your mind, though, I’d love for you to send me questions about topics in real estate that you’re curious or confused about. If you have a question, odds are, someone else is wondering the same thing! We wanted to share our expertise so that anyone can benefit.

If you have questions for us, or you’re even just interested in a specific area or surrounding neighborhood in South Pasadena, give call us at (888) 727-0REH or email Info@REHrealestate.com today!

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