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It All Comes Down To Motivation

The general desire of someone to do something and act upon it…”

In real estate, staying motivated is the key to being successful. Sometimes it is not easy to stay motivated when the market shifts and obstacles arise. Consistency and persistency are two factors that play a large role in this positive mental attitude. Consistency is key, you must follow up and follow through with constant communication to both clients and potential clients alike, all in order to gain more exposure and greater name recognition. Being persistent is also essential in regards to following up on leads to garner new listings. Whichever techniques you have implemented will not be consistently effective without constant practice, execution and you harnessing true motivation.

Some like to view motivation as eating healthily… When you eat healthy foods for one day, you do not expect to be living a completely healthy lifestyle and see drastic changes in your weight, mind and body. You must stay consistent with the way you eat daily in order to see and feel any progress; you must concentrate on not losing motivation as temptations arise or you feel lazy. Making a sale is virtually the same idea. You won’t just wake up one morning and have a listing and exposure and make a huge sale. You have to constantly experience trial and error and work to gain as much exposure as possible so that you can gain new prospective clients. Staying motivated daily can be tough at times, but it is what will ultimately set you apart from other realtors.

It is safe to say that motivation and goals go hand in hand. If you do not have goals, you are limiting yourself… you always need to have things that you’re striving for and that your motivation will serve. Creating self-goals and work goals are momentous in helping to keep your motivation going strong. If you have defined and written out goals, your motivation will be higher, as you have visualized these goals and made a point to enact them. Writing your goals down and placing them somewhere like on your vanity at home, in a frame on your desk, or somewhere that you will be forced to constantly see them will make them seem all the more real and attainable. As you are reminded of these goals, you will continue to visualize them and how your life would be different if you were able to reach them; this will help you stay motivated because they are constantly on your mind. It’s easy to lack motivation if your goals are fleeting thoughts, but not if they’re always on your mind.

Positive thinking is also a large aspect of staying motivated. The ability to have a strong mind that pushes you to keep going when times are tough is so essential in this industry – sometimes you are truly doing all you can and have no prospective clients. That is precisely when you have to stop yourself from thinking negative, dejected and lazy thoughts and keep charging through. You can’t change the current state of the market; you can only adapt accordingly and strive to accomplish your set goals. When you have negative thoughts, the first essential step to crushing them in their path is acknowledging them. Take a step back when your day takes a turn for the worse, take a deep breath, do a little meditation, go exercise – whatever makes your body and mind hit restart and then reference your goals. Try to see the big picture again and look at the goals you’ve written down, and, as a result, think about on a daily (if not hourly basis); positivity will start to pour in and motivate you again as you envision your life with your goals made.

Motivated sellers are the biggest moneymakers. Being a realtor means you essentially own your own business, as your salary is based upon how much you sell, so staying motivated and focused is how you can make a success of yourself! Your future financial stability is in your own hands, no one else’s. Having accountability for your actions goes hand in hand with staying motivated and experiencing success in the industry. Being motivated to make your personal brand a true, shining reflection of your work ethic, character and ability to communicate effectively with clients is key. Develop what this looks like for you personally and make sure that this is what comes across on all marketing collateral you send out. When someone is looking to sell or buy a home and they do not know any realtors, they will remember your name or face and they will contact you to help them. This is a win/win situation and will help to increase your salary. Always being motivated to be your very best by keeping your personal brand and your communication (verbal and written) in align with what you believe in is so significant to your success.

Your speed of implementation can also separate you and your success from your less motivated competitors. Setting things into motion as fast as you can is what will make you successful. “Actions speak louder than words,” is a prime example of how some realtors do not practice what they preach, or do not have the sense or urgency that is needed to make it. Just simply talking about what you want to achieve will not make you achieve it any faster, but setting small steps to achieve your goals is how you will make it happen for yourself. You’ll stay more motivated this way too, as with each tiny victory, you will grow closer and closer to meeting your goals with each action you take.

Similar to starting a new diet, it is easy to get off track and loose motivation, but remembering that your success is in your own hands is of the utmost importance. By staying motivated, you’ll be able to unlock your potential in terms of your persistence, consistence, goal setting, speed of implementation and positive thinking. These will all help you to become successful in almost anything that you do and will also help you in other aspects of your life, not just professionally. Your motivation towards anything that you do or any goals that you plan to achieve will help get you there faster. Take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way and take what you have learned and put it all into motion, your career is waiting!