Ignore the MLS Statistics and the Cynical Pessimists

Real Estate Heaven REH Ignore the MLS Statistics and the Cynical Pessimists


Hello, people. Welcome to the REH Real Estate Youtube channel. Some people are concerned about the market, while others are curious. 

Jeff Glover. has a scorching take that the data can also be deceptive; it suggests your native stats deserve a re-examination. Let’s delve into this. If you want more real estate content, subscribe to the REH Real Estate Youtube channel and hit the notification bell.



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What was the primary trending search on Google last week? The housing market. Why am I talking about it and what does this imply? It means that each concern is valid.

Whether you’re creating content on behalf of a brand or not, one of the best ways to keep up with the needs of your audience is to be more transparent. People want to know the truth, so by providing them with the market replacements they need, you can always move forward with confidence.

Glover spoke with real estate agents in 10 metro markets, including Dallas, Detroit, Denver, Orlando, San Diego, Baltimore, Chicago, Minnesota and Sioux Falls. Here are the findings.

I do not have a crystal ball, but the indicators that we have been bolstering each day, speak to us staying in the current location. The cost decreasing and going forward is true for months.


Create content material that has the info shoppers need

Real Estate Heaven REH Ignore the MLS Statistics and the Cynical Pessimists Chart 3There is no time like the present to create content around what’s occurring around the world. In contrast to individuals loving silly/attention-grabbing movies, now more than ever, shoppers want to know what’s going on in your local market and what they can expect because it changes.

Tip: Ignore individuals that aren’t on the bottom of the pyramid, who are saying costs will never drop. They’re just looking at market statistics and not what is going on in the meantime.

To get a complete picture, consider that even when it seems like costs have been rising yearly since June, the statistic is fueled mostly by closings anticipated in June which occurred in May and are pending until April.

That means that when the brief-selling of homes happened in April, it was based mostly on calculations from December up to and including March, as a result of that marketplace offered an alternate story.

This data has no significance because the market is so different now, and what happened in March and April was nowhere near what’s happening now. Therefore, these comps are of little value.


Not satisfied that costs are coming down?

Real Estate Heaven REH Ignore the MLS Statistics and the Cynical Pessimists ChartPredicted to increase by 20% to 30% in the next year, your business will experience even more success. By looking at your market expectations and trends, you’ll be able to know what types of optimizations led to the increase.

Now go forward and take a look at Could over Could (or June) of this last year vs. the years prior to that. What do you discover?

It’s not 20 to 30%, it’s more like 5% to 15%, in your market. Now that information might make you think ‘costs are on the way down.

Okay, nonetheless not sufficient for you?

This will allow me to review your work and feedback you on it once you complete the next series.


  1. Ask for information about the number of new homebuyers by looking at or checking the figure of June 2018 against figures from last year. You can observe loan firms where this is happening and also try to talk with these firms to see whether they have been advertising a catchall or restricted number of deals.
  2. Running a report on your days of showings and identifying trends. What do you discover?
  3. Find the difference in worth reductions for the future and one year ago. What looks unique?
  4. Do the new listings vs. pending gross sales differences in 2019 turn out to be as big as they were in 2018?
  5. What about Expireds? This is a listing of items that were previously priced based on this fall and last year, but are now not selling because costs are no longer as high, and sellers were reluctant to lower the prices due to lack of reports of falling prices (but).
  6. What about net pending gross sales to closed gross sales?

New models are capable of handling the task of writing deals in the final five to seven years. Within the month of June 2019 posts by Inman revealed that a lot of 60,000 pending gross sales were canceled (i.e. purchased inside our workflow).

One other signal of patrons’ regret is the delicate pullback in income. This pullback will allow sellers to place again into the marketplace at lower prices and to promote those similar patrons at reduced costs.

That is already taking place.

Jeff Glover is the founder of Reside Unreal Firms, which has hundreds of real estate brokers under its banner and is usually ranked number one in the nation. The firm also has a home buying app, making it one of the best real estate-selling firms around.


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