How To Be A Successful Real Estate Agent Your First YearHow To Be A Successful Real Estate Agent Your First Year by Hamed Khajavi

First Year as a Realtor

I came to this country six years ago as a new immigrant and I’m now proudly a new citizen of America. Last year was my full year. Last year was my full year as a realtor; full time realtor, first year. So this is what I did. I’m going to share with you my result, how I think, and how I do. That’s it. You know the first days that I was here in America, like the first three months or so I basically lived here. I was here in the office. I mean the “other” office from 6:30 a.m. or 7 a.m. till late night. So I asked questions from everybody, Yvette. For example, Yvette has my wife’s phone number. I ask everybody questions and I bother everybody, because I had to. I had no choice.

I did this in 2018. Eleven transactions. Two of them were double-ended, so thirteen total. And this is where they came from. I spent money and advertised. Five of them came from radio ads, persian radio. One of them from Facebook. Two of them were from a past client, meaning I sold for them, then I helped them buy. One of them from cold calling, fourteen month follow-up. I followed up for fourteen months to get that listing and then I double-ended it. Then, lender’s referral. Then, one past client’s referral. This is it. I closed 9.7 (million) and my goal is 15 million for closing in 2019.

Table Of Confidence

I think for me I needed a table, and I called it a Table of Confidence. That table has so many legs. I need those legs steady to have my full confidence, then when people say hi to me and ask me “hey, why do you walk like a king?” I need that confidence, that kind of confidence to do my job. In this business I find out these. I have to be prepared. I mean you have to know yourself, your needs, you have to know the nature of the job. Our job. Our job is fancy from the outside, but in reality it’s crazy. You have to educate yourself, you have to expand your knowledge. It could happen in so many things, like have a mentor. My mentor told me “hey read the documents and learn them.” Call the legal hotline. There are like 50 or 60 attorneys that know me. I always call them. And then, you have to ask questions like I said at the beginning. You have to ask questions. You don’t know, ask! Who cares?

And when you learn something, share it, teach it to someone, share with everybody. Maybe they know, maybe they don’t, but when you teach and share you learn again. All these will help you to scale up your knowledge. And then you have to invest. No matter what, based on your needs and yourself you have to invest time and money. Otherwise, why are you doing this? You have to invest, you have to plant a seed then you have to collect it. Then, accomplish job. Every single job that you do, that you finish will give you more confidence. That job might be a transaction, that might be any objection handling, even if you go to the listing agreement, listing meeting, and you don’t get the listing, but you handle a single objection that might give you more confidence. Hey, I did this today. Who cares? Next time.

Come out of your comfort zone. I hate cold calling. I hate it. Finally after six or seven months fighting with myself I finally decided to try cold calling again for one hour a week, but still it’s hard for me. If you do that it will give you confidence. Hey, I did it tonight. Okay. Next time. Now I have a love/hate relationship with cold calling. Then, systems. For our job, for many jobs you should know the systems, and you have to pick some of them, and you have to do it consistently. Now that you have your confidence, how do you do it?


I imagine any kind of job should be done like I did it. Meaning you have to go up and up and up. Steady and consistent steps, and you cannot skip any steps, small one or big ones. You have to go up. That’s it. You have to go up with one pace. Every step is harder than the previous ones. I personally don’t want to reach to any points because I know there’s always other points higher than the ones you’re going to reach. I have no limit. I go up. No matter what. No limits. No points. You have to go up. Now what? The thing I have to learn is to enjoy my life, while working, and while I’m going up, while I’m working so hard. I have to enjoy it because there is no point in stopping.  I know that whatever you can imagine you can reach. You can do more. No matter what. I can’t be a president of America, for sure. For now, based on the laws. I have to be a U.S. born citizen. A lot of things I can reach. There is no limit there too. Just do it. Enjoy your life, and go up and up and up. That’s all I’m doing. Thank you!

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