Real estate success is a matter of using your expertise to increase leads and create more conversions. In the digital age, most real estate agents know the best way to attract leads is to establish your expertise through informative web content. On the other hand, few real estate agents know their listings can also be a great way to drive traffic and attract more leads. Hone your listings with the following tips:

Don’t spare any detail

Finding a buyer’s specific selling-point is key to your success, but the digital marketplace makes it difficult determine what finally converted the buyer. Therefore, real estate agents should include every detail of the property – no matter how minor. Including more relevant information not only increases conversions, but it also attracts more leads by improving your search engine ranking.

Tell a story with your listing

Storytelling is becoming a hot commodity in every industry, and real estate is no exception. Elevate your listings beyond simple specifications by placing the prospect in the property on an ideal Saturday afternoon. What do they see? What are they doing? How are they enjoying their dream home? Incorporate the home’s best features into your vignettes to delight readers

Use traffic-driving keywords
By incorporating the correct keywords, you can use listings to drive traffic to your website. Read our blog post, driving local leads by using the right keywords, to help determine which keywords will best increase your search engine ranking. Once you’ve picked your keywords, sprinkle them throughout the listing, and use them as photo captions and meta-tags.

Get the best real estate photos

A few great photographs can convince a lead to grab their phone and call for a showing. If you’re like most people, snapping a few photos with your iPhone doesn’t quite compare to the glossy catalogue-esque images featured in the best listings. If you don’t have the time and energy to invest in photography lessons, we recommend hiring a professional photographer to capture the property’s best angles. When you’re ready to add the photos to your listing, be sure to tag them with your primary, secondary keywords, or long-tail keywords.

Write a blog post about your listing

This is an great way to attract more traffic with minimal effort, while also showcasing your personality and expertise. Copy your already optimized description into a new blog post and give it a little extra flavor; grab the reader with a great introduction (maybe what sets this house apart from the rest) and close with a strong call to action. Add a couple of your favorite photographs, and then post and share it across your social media platforms.

Optimizing your listing is just the start!

In addition to optimizing your listing, there are many ways you can attract more leads to your website with inbound marketing. With our free ebook, the Beginner’s Guide to Inbound Marketing for Real Estate Agents, you’ll learn how to get your attractive new listings in front of an increasing number of internet users. Ready to start your new marketing journey? Download our ebook today!

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