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Real Estate Heaven REH Bringing sexy back Get your listing noticed now

The days of marketing a house just by putting it on the Multiple Listing Service are over. It’s time to get back to what we do best: Marketing our listings. Although the red-hot market of the past few years made sellers a lot of money, it also brought about a lot of what I can only call “laziness” in how listings were marketed.  When that was all they had to do–put their homes up for sale on MLS–many realtors failed to follow best practices, or even forgot that, at some point, they’d have to get back to them.

Luckily, you are in Real Estate Heaven and we’ve prepared a blog that will surely help your listing be noticed. Remember, that while the first step is completing any of these amazing courses, the second and possibly more important step is taking action even if it’s imperfect action.


Real Estate Heaven REH Bringing sexy back Get your listing noticed now AgentIn an increasingly complex, interactional, and socially authentic estate marketplace, experience and advice are of critical importance to consumers. No matter what your business does or how you use technology to safeguard information and provide guidance, we have you covered on both fronts.

The past couple of years has been a fantastic time for sales, making this a great market for business startups. However, the market also introduced a trend for laziness in which listings are marketed as merely being “desirable” rather than sophisticated and well-made products.

When homeowners were able to put their home on the MLS, many real estate experts took that route, disregarding other effective methods and forgetting that they once had to take some time back again to create content.

Now, the next market crash is inevitable because of homes’ prolonged stay on the market; sellers are dealing with anxiety and homes that were not ready for sale before were seeing drastic price reductions and requests for repairs.


More agents are being approved in the past few decades than the previous few decades. There are several untested brokers who haven’t marketed any properties until now and they have been in operation for a few years.

It is time to get back to the essentials and make a list of the factors that help a house stand out from their opposition. Regardless of whether you have never prepared a listing for an aggressive industry, or have just forgotten how, here are some of the factors to do so that you come to that sector with the best product, most interesting and “sexiest” item possible.


  • Ask clients before providing your services

Real Estate Heaven REH Bringing sexy back Get your listing noticed now KeysIt is hard to communicate with customers, particularly when they are panicked and nervous that they have skipped the right factor of today’s industry. They might be rushing you to create a checklist ASAP, even without actually getting the house ready for potential buyers.

Think of the listing possibility like an enterprise approach, generating certainty that your customers or prospective clients truly realize what is going on with their household in relation to what else is listed for sale and what is at present in escrow. Clear up to them that the market’s current shift makes determining what the record selling price requirements have to be difficult, due to recent advertised products not representing their value appropriately.

Additionally, the significance of making certain that their house is actually prepared to stand up to the competitors. Show them what else is out there in their selling price selection and assist them establish items that have to be fixed or replaced in order to make sure their home shows at its finest.


  • Timing is everything

Homes aren’t always marketed in the best way. They often don’t have the impact that they should have because of a certain time and date that is specified when the properties are listed on an MLS, rather than tailored to each individual’s practice of searching.

To make your listing as attractive as possible, create a waiting list for consumers and pitching to investors, so that when your opportunity enters the marketplace, they will be eager and ready to buy it. Keeping an eye on your competitors and knowing their product sales cycles will help you pre-plan when to enter or exit a marketplace or industry.


  • Improve your marketing

Real Estate Heaven REH Bringing sexy back Get your listing noticed now BannerAll the ways that marketing and advertising assets can be made more attractive to targeted, fresh audiences make all the difference. With these assets, it is possible to do a better job of attracting targeted viewers and new members with less hassle, greater efficiency and higher quality content.

Whenever you go to make your offer, there are certain things that you must consider. What kind of things? Well if you’re considering buying a house, it might be beneficial to think about the introduction that is most marketable. How would you like buyers or sellers to know what they should expect when they visit your home? That question is simple to answer with the information found in professionally printed stationery.

Have you been taking pictures of homes with your Iphone, or mentioning those features in the MLS remarks without justification? With a greater number of individuals changing from realtors to digital experts, is this type of support good enough?

Moreover, every property you list is an opportunity for you to convey your worth and influence your potential buyers. Is that how you want to demonstrate your worth as someone who is a real estate agent?


  • Open properties need to be hosted

With open houses back, you now have a new opportunity to connect with people who are interested in the market for your type of housing. You can also work with some organizations that work with property transactions.

Property brokers dislike the nosy neighbors that are born as a result of them thinking they’re simply being nosy. In fact, if they’re browsing by means of the individual’s future property listing, they might be buyers themselves.

You don’t have to stay behind your desk and wave at people today like you used to be able to when open properties were an option to you. Now that opening properties are no longer a possibility for you, it is time for you to step up and speak with website visitors about the home and its more in-depth details, including potential business opportunities.


  • Connect with shoppers

Real Estate Heaven REH Bringing sexy back Get your listing noticed now PhotoSProvide your consumers with updates on their listing, internet marketing methods, and sector activity. If a new listing that is competitive with theirs appears on the sector, notify them and let them recognize how it might impact their listing and price points.

When speaking to customers, maintain a positive mindset and react properly. It is likely there will be a lot of sales occurring and potential buyers who are hunting for homes to invest in. Be smart, understand their expectations, and have success when you talk to them.

New to the complete industry, you should consult with your broker about any experiences they’ve had or use the experience of other brokers for an idea of what might have worked in the old industry. Look for masterminds and ask them about experiences in a similar industry that may have been helpful.

If you think about previous real estate markets that have also been happening in this similar time frame, these current marketplace conditions will not be anything new. This is reflective of what we’ve seen in the decades before 2019 and 2020.

And before we end this blog, here’s an additional tip. 

Nowadays, when we say Justin Timberlake, It comes to our mind that he’s a singer, a rich person, a celebrity or someone who’s sexy are all correct. You can also think that he’s a performer, musician or dancer to describe your type- or would be Britney.

The Justin Timberlake concert had over 20,000 attendees and celebrities like Chris Pine attending it. The event was spectacular, and no one will soon forget it.

Justin Timberlake accomplished his first album without the help of sales. With a fan base, attendance is all people wanted after listening to the album. Attendees forgave Justin Timberlake sales wise because they loved their concert experience, even though it was overpriced.

Justin Timberlake is the essence of the law of attraction in product marketing. His customers are his fans and “Bringing Sexy Back” should prove that sex sells well.

But, let us set the scene. You’re 61 years old. So why the hell are you out at a Justin Timberlake concert, dancing and singing for three hours? The crowd was great, and it was fun! And You’re learning the difference between the rock concerts you attended growing up in the early ’60’s, and the rock concerts of the 21st century. 

Panic at the Disco has consistently been able to achieve excellence with their music. Their concerts show that they’ve paid attention to every minute detail and have taken extra care in every performance, both in rehearsals and on stage.


Real Estate Heaven REH Bringing sexy back Get your listing noticed now PhotographyHow much do you want to focus on this? What is your performance like? Who would be willing to pay to watch you perform and buy a t-shirt with your brand on it? This is what we want to talk about for the next hundred words.

Here are the qualities that Justin Timberlake exuded during his performance, so you can see how they match up with your company’s qualifications.

In his 2.5-hour performance, he never missed a note. He was on time with every word. His dancing skills were not affected in the slightest.

Justin was able to impress even 20,000 people with his voice and dancing abilities. He performed exceptionally well and dazzled the audience from the opening note. In addition, he’s 26 years old. Now, the question is, how old are you? Do you perform well? 

Justin Timberlake brought the audience out of their seats and had everyone in the park singing and dancing with him. The fans didn’t stop praising his talent or wildly cheering him on until he was done singing.


But ask yourself, why does he have so much success still, after a lot of hard work? Perhaps it is because he is healthy and accomplishes his goals.

We wonder how much you are physically fit and what difference that makes to your ability to perform and earn. How many “Sales Grammys” could you win?

Aside from all the things we’ve mentioned, he also writes his music.

From a business perspective, there are some lessons to be learned from this event and the performer.

His concerts produce a peak in people’s emotions. His image, his reputation, his music, his attraction, his marketing, his level of performance, his self-confidence, his team and the way that he communicates with fans are all beyond excellent. And when these things are combined into one concert event it isn’t just something happening; it’s an experience.


Real Estate Heaven REH Bringing sexy back Get your listing noticed now ListAfter over 2 and a half hours of Justin Timberlake’s concert, the crowd didn’t want it to end. And he ended the show with one of his current hits – “bringing sexy back.” His singing, dancing, and playing was not enough – he did an actual dance on top of the piano. He wasn’t pleasing the crowd – he brought the crowd to him.

If he had said everyone should donate when they leave, 100 more people would have donated out of joy and gratitude.

And they will not stop talking about it, writing about it, blogging about it, and YouTube about it for years to come.

How do your sales and service clients feel after interacting with you? Do people use the word “cool” when describing the feeling they received from their next interaction with you?

Now, Let’s shake off any poor habits that might have formed and put our time and vitality into giving your customers the ideal possible experience. You will be different from your company, when you help them succeed, even in a competitive and tough industry environment.


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