Boosting the Expansion of the SFR Investment Class Is Rubik’s Seed Funding

Real Estate Heaven REH Boosting the Expansion of the SFR Investment Class is Rubik's Seed Funding

Hello everyone! Welcome to the Real Estate Heaven Youtube channel. Rubik, an NYC-based company that provides a data-driven acquisition platform for institutional single-family investors, announced on August 2 that they’ve closed their $3.55 million Seed Round led by Ulu Ventures with participation from investors including South Central Ventures, AAF Management, ERA’s Remarkable Ventures Fund, Green Egg Ventures and Greg Waldorf, long-time board member at Trulia and Zillow.


Real Estate Heaven REH Boosting the Expansion of the SFR Investment Class is Rubik's Seed Funding CoinsAfter founding Rubik as a platform to help institutional single-family rental property investors, Amar Sehic, Krenar Roka, and Tommaso Montagni saw that current tools did not meet the market’s demand. If you want more of this content, subscribe to the Real Estate Heaven Youtube channel and hit the notification bell.

The company was founded by first-generation immigrants with first-hand experience in helping institutional investors allocate their money appropriately.

Institutional investments rely on the fragmented networks of local brokers and wholesalers for distribution. The status quo causes a lack of transparency, high friction, and visibility in transactions. Worse still, deals are often closed via agent listings, which creates a competitive bidding environment with other investors and regular home buyers.

By using proprietary data, prospective buyers can find homes that are not listed for sale and match their specific needs. The company’s market only aggregates properties that have not been sold yet, allowing for a fast acquisition process with full transparency.


New York has launched Rubik, which uses deep-data evaluation to help those with large organizations, including commercial or governmental consumers, by providing them with options related to their residential rentals.

Traders with deep pockets are betting on the long-term single-family rental (SFR) market, while companies like Baselane, Latchel, Mynd, and now Rubik have rolled out services to assist them.

Rubik helps institutional investors to grow their profitability through the adoption of AI-powered TMS solutions. They recently secured $3.5 million of seed funding and will use it to advance their initiative further.


Real Estate Heaven REH Boosting the Expansion of the SFR Investment Class is Rubik's Seed Funding ContractrThe lead backer for the spherical was Ulu Ventures. Supporting roles were performed by South Central Venture, AAF Administration, ERA’s Exceptional Ventures Fund, Inexperienced Egg Ventures, and Greg Waldorf, a board member at both Trulia and Zillow.

“We’re excited to partner with the Rubik team as the company brings a modern technology solution to an industry that has so far relied mostly on traditional boots-on-ground for deal sourcing and inventory growth,” according to Clint Korver, Co-founder and Managing Director at Ulu Ventures. “Their platform can help reduce transaction friction, better match supply, and demand as well as provide liquidity for homeowners looking to exit.”

Rubik’s ability to provide custom-made investments in a struggling housing market has led to $12M of transactions. As the company has expanded into 20 SFR buyers, it currently operates one of the largest 100% online real estate marketplaces in the entire country.

The company said it plans to use the funds for marketing, sales, and engineering to grow its transaction volume by improving the company’s data and analytics platform.

A cooling market is creating new opportunities for big businesses and investors. “We’re looking at a once-in-20-year opportunity in front of us here. Last time we were in this part of the cycle, Invitation Homes was created and brought this asset class to life,” according to co-founder Tommaso Montagni. “With the capital and partners we’ve brought on board, we’re well positioned to take advantage of the coming real estate market shifts and leverage our early market lead in the space to become the go-to investment platform for institutional single-family investors.” With international support, Invesium is well positioned to take advantage of the coming shift in real estate.

Clint Korver, co-founder and Managing Director at Ulu Ventures, noted that Rubik’s method will help modernize a procedure that has relied on a community of unrelated service suppliers, as well as an absence of transaction consistency.


Real Estate Heaven REH Boosting the Expansion of the SFR Investment Class is Rubik's Seed Funding Currency 2They expect their platform to scale down transaction friction and the need for a higher match by offering better demand.

Korver’s strategy is a standing argument for the intrusion of Wall Street-based possession of America’s major streets. It may be heard echoing in the digital trading classes of iBuyers as well.

Building communities with shared ownership for the construction of single-family residences is a smart choice since changes in housing funding are shifting rapidly.

Rubik is gaining traction in this early class and has transacted more than $12 million in SFR since its 2021 launch, based on the latest report. Rubik claims 20 of the most important such traders within the nation as clients.

A release released by the bank notes that they use their program to identify off-market alternatives that match investors’ standards and “[brings] these off-market houses onto their market, without taking possession, and permitting institutional traders to then buy the property by a streamlined method and with full information transparency,” the report acknowledged.


Real Estate Heaven REH Boosting the Expansion of the SFR Investment Class is Rubik's Seed Funding Invest 3With the ability to determine decisions in a single level of engagement, traders who need to carry out comprehensive market analysis and observe deals moving through a lot of promoting entities flock to Flip. It is historically a challenging course.

This start-up is a collaborative effort by three immigrants. Rubik is a result of work done earlier collectively in the same working environment, where they designed and made evaluation and sourcing tools for SFR, before this collaboration.

Another purpose fund from the seed spherical will go to engineering and growth initiatives. Additionally, they plan to hire sales and marketing employees.

Rubik enables individual investors to build Single Family Rentals of hundreds of homes. The company uses AI and complex math to identify a proprietary list of the best opportunities for institutional buyers, such as REITs, Hedge Funds, and Family Offices. Rubik provides a transparent, scalable platform that is “plug and play” for specialized buyers while providing liquidity to local institutional investors.


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