8 Essential Real Estate Books You Need Now

Real Estate Heaven REH 8 Essential Real Estate Books You Need Now

Hello, people. Welcome to the REH Real Estate Youtube channel. Real estate investments have historically been associated with stability in a portfolio. The last decade has shown a rise in interest in real estate assets around the world, and investing in them can provide capital to protect your assets.

There are various choices on how to invest in real estate. A good investment would be to read books about investing to gain knowledge before jumping into this opportunity. If you want more of this content, subscribe to the REH Real Estate Youtube channel and hit the notification bell.


The right real estate investing books can give you an overall view of the property investment landscape and help identify what’s worth your time and what’s not. The best books can offer guidance on every stage of your real estate investing journey, from choosing a strategy to finding a particular book that fits what you need.


Here is our first batch of the top 8 essential real estate books you need now:


The Book on Rental Property Investing

Real Estate Heaven REH 8 Essential Real Estate Books You Need Now Books 3Brandon Turner, a real estate entrepreneur and director of BiggerPockets.com’s development team, wrote “The Book on Rental Property Investing.” He explains everything you need to know about succeeding with rental investments in “The Book on Rental Property Investing,” which also outlines the biggest mistakes investors make and how to avoid them. For newbies, this book is packed with simple strategies and actionable tips for creating and maintaining wealth through income-generating rental property investments.


Mastering the Art of Commercial Real Estate Investing

In commercial real estate, you become the landlord of things like office spaces, warehouses, data centers, public storage facilities, retail stores as well as multifamily apartment buildings. Depending on what kind of property you are investing in and the potential return for the risk period, this could be a very successful venture or one that could go poorly.

“Mastering the Art of Commercial Real Estate Investing” explains the basics of investing in commercial real estate, with six laws of landing deals and growing cash flow. Author Doug Marshall explains how to determine whether it’s wise to buy a property or pass on one, and how to position an investment in order to generate better earnings over the long term.


Rich Dad, Poor Dad

One of the best investment books of all time, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” is a treatise on how to build and grow wealth by investing in tangible assets, such as real estate and small businesses. The book rates as one of the best general reads on investing and personal finance of all time, but there are some key lessons to be gleaned for real estate investors. It’s less about specific strategies and more about developing a wealth mindset that includes real estate as a focal point. The overarching theme is using real estate to generate passive income so that you’re working smarter, not harder. If you’re looking for motivation and inspiration to ease into real estate investing, this book offers plenty of both.


The Book on Flipping Houses

Real Estate Heaven REH 8 Essential Real Estate Books You Need Now Books 4If you personally want to buy and sell real estate, instead of investing in rentals, you may want to check out The Book on Flipping Houses. Scott J has a great guide for finding properties, making them look beautiful and selling them off at top dollar.

This book covers everything you need to know about flipping real estate, from how to evaluate potential markets to getting financing for a rehab property and hiring contractors, the process of flipping a house back and forth.

This book is a comprehensive roadmap to all the most important things you need to know if your interest is flipping one home on its own or building a business out of buying, renovating, and selling houses.


The Book on Tax Strategies

If you want to deduct some of your expenses as a real estate investor and get in trouble with the IRS, be sure to claim every credit that you are eligible for. You also need to report your income from property investments on your tax return.

Amanda Han and Matthew McFarland are certified public accountants and they offer tax strategies for real estate investors in “The Book on Tax Strategies.” If you’re not sure how depreciation works, or how to use a self-directed IRA to buy real estate investments, you can learn about both here. It’s a must-read if you’re looking for strategies and tips to minimize what you owe your Uncle Sam.


The Millionaire Real Estate Investor

Wouldn’t it be great to invest in real estate like a millionaire? There’s just one problem—you don’t have a million bucks lying around to sink into property investments. The Millionaire Real Estate Investor addresses this challenge by drawing on the wisdom of more than 100 millionaire real estate investors to create a handbook for building wealth through property.

This book reveals the biggest myths often used to prevent people from achieving millionaire status and also how to apply Keller’s strategies and techniques to find profitable investments. It does not require being wealthy in order to understand the methods that Keller advocates.


The Intelligent REIT Investor

Real Estate Heaven REH 8 Essential Real Estate Books You Need Now Books 5Real estate investment trusts can appeal to investors who want more of a hands-off approach. With an REIT, the investor primarily gets dividend income from these properties without any headaches relating to being a landlord and having to deal with tenants.

If you’re interested in adding REITs to your portfolio but you have no clue where to start, this book can help you get your feet wet without getting in over your head. The authors outline how to evaluate and choose which REITs to invest in, based on your overall goals and risk tolerance, with a time horizon for investing.


The ABCs of Real Estate Investing

If you’re new to real estate investing, “ABCs of Real Estate Investing” by Ken McElroy is a great book to start with. The title suggests that this is a primer in general areas such as wealth creation, how to find and evaluate properties, and negotiation skills, among others. Even though the book covers many topics regarding real estate, it’s an easy read with great input from experienced investors pulling together multi million dollar portfolios. Reviewers also agree that this is one of the best introductory books for newcomers on the market.

There are many books on the market that veterans say helped them in business, and new properties come out every year. It may be too difficult to keep up with 100 years of books.

It is possible that you are either too busy, not a reader, or just need to keep up with the latest happenings. It is also conceivable that different brokers will talk about these bestsellers and your time would be well-spent reading them.

You will discover descriptions of 8 actual property must-reads, paired with some of our favorite recommendations.

From The Magic of Considering Large, seven guidelines will help in an elementary growth for your additional enterprise.


Use small objectives for momentum

Real Estate Heaven REH 8 Essential Real Estate Books You Need Now Books 2Momentum is a type of energy that increases the more and more you win. You can prepare for momentum by setting yourself up for small wins on a regular basis.

If you’re aiming to have at least five conversations with people about property by 10 a.m., head to your tasks and make sure you’ve got small, manageable daily objectives. Another task might be emailing properties that meet your search standards to four potential consumers before 9 a.m. One of the daily goals could be writing one handwritten thank you note earlier than 9 a.m., or calling a previous consumer at 10 a.m.

With an easy-to-understand, personal objective set each morning, you can construct your own momentum by accomplishing small wins. The frequency of your smaller wins compounds to lead to large achievements and more success by the day.

Shifting an enterprise from good to nice can be large, but with a few pointers, it’s possible. Here are insights and techniques for making the transition from the Jim Collins guide From Good to Nice.


Be constructed to final

If you’re going to build a business that lasts, the plan needs to be calculated and set up for the long-term rather than reacting to short-term opportunities. Do you have a 5-, 10-, or 20-year plan for your life, your business, and how it benefits you today? What things can you do now that will help your future self?

Be selective and plan ahead to establish a place for your business to thrive. Schedule all the actions you intend on achieving, so when you do accomplish them, you have time to enjoy the rewards.

Time spent studying one of John Maxwell’s books or watching one of his speeches online is time effectively spent. His insights are actionable and his knowledge is timeless.


The key of your success is set by your every day agenda

Does your daily schedule indicate taking a look at in the morning and deciding what you want to do for the day? Do you allocate time blocks, planning your business prospects, or moving ahead with present transactions in the evening hours before? Scheduling is important for ensuring productivity.

According to Jim Rohn, there are a few key points you need to remember in order for your business to succeed. Among these strategies are being open and accepting of change, seizing alternatives, and embracing every opportunity.

Try your hand at wordsmithing with Prime Tip: It’s the set of the sails, not the route of the wind, that determines which means we’ll go. This article provides advice on how to form an effective argument and present it in an engaging format.

Daily is constantly changing the ways in which you can market your products and services through search engine optimization, Artificial Intelligence, and website design. The query isn’t whether or not the market will change, but rather how you will use what others view as obstacles to become opportunities.

This is what makes profitable brokers completely different. It’s their ability to change their sails when the winds change.

Here is a roundup of some important Zig Ziglar quotes which are either written or spoken. He was an influential motivational speaker who has impressed, inspired and instructed salespeople for over 50 years. Some of his best-known mantras were a catalyst for dramatic personal and professional change in the lives of many.


Real Estate Heaven REH 8 Essential Real Estate Books You Need Now BooksKeep in mind that failure is an occasion and never an individual.

Wrestling with failure and disappointment is a reality of the true property enterprise. I don’t know a single top producer who has yet to bounce back from failure. As a matter of fact, my experience has been that brokers who have beaten their struggles are the very best producers I do know,

New discoveries lead to potential success. Encountering challenges allows you to develop your full potential, which will be needed in order to succeed.

Robert Cialdini’s best-selling book, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion , provides you with a list of psychological lessons you can learn and apply to real estate. These lessons are easy to pick up and put into practice.


The precept of social proof

When individuals aren’t positive about what to do, they are going to take a look at what other people have done. Online property critiques have the same worth as personal opinions.

By using and promoting your actual property critiques or proposals on social media, you give your business a chance for the precept of social proof to help develop.

Using your blog posts on social media, email signature, website or any advertising material will improve your likelihood of conversion. If you’re expanding your business, raising your company’s reputation through social proof is a cornerstone technique.

Suppose and Develop Wealthy by Napoleon Hill on what makes millionaires successful and respected are the hottest self-help books of all time. After spending 20 years interviewing 500 millionaires, Hill discovered common traits he pinpointed as what often helped create this type of outsider success.


Transfer previous resistance

It begins with an understanding of struggle. Progress and luxury can’t coexist, so when and where are you going to find a spot where you can be comfortable? It starts with your acceptance that struggle is part of the process. It’s not about if – it’s about when – you’ll face the next phase of resistance.

When encountering an obstacle, be confident that it’s a sign that you are on the right track. Push through challenges and setbacks as efficiently as attainable. Wrestling is a pure factor of aging, and everything else comes with it. Data is just one sacred point during your transfer from the obtaining phase to this last stage of success.

Stephen Covey’s seminal work, “7 Habits of Extremely Efficient Folks,” has been a hallmark of self-help for anybody who wants to improve themselves or their careers. Here are some ways that you can use the power of these materials to promote your property company.


Real Estate Heaven REH 8 Essential Real Estate Books You Need Now BooksPut first issues first

For brokers who are already profitable and prioritize their every day actions, they know what actions are the most effective so they keep doing them.

The top priorities in your business should include time-blocking any particular day to focus on prospecting. In terms of working in your sphere of effect, no matter which action you notice is not working, do something about it first.

The Energy of One Extra: The Final Information to Happiness and Success is Ed Mylett’s guide that proposes that you’re closer to your objectives than you think, and that by using the precept of one extra, you can get everything you want.

As a new real estate agent on the path to success, you need to focus on the right things and read the right books to help your business grow.


You don’t need to look far for evidence of people’s entrepreneurial successes and reading.

Mark Cuban: Reads 3 hours per day

Warren Buffett: Reads about 500 pages every day

Mark Zuckerberg: Reads 1 book every 2 weeks

Bill Gates: Reads 1 book every week


As a new real estate agent, you need to learn. Real estate agents are excited and eager when they begin their career, but this enthusiasm can wear off quickly as the industry becomes more challenging. New agents may be in the wrong career if they find real estate to be unsatisfying. It is a difficult industry to master, but it can bring great rewards for those that stick with it and continually fill their brain with information and motivation.

I hear this common hurdle of convincing real estate agents to read frequently.

You are busy! You’re an entrepreneur, real estate agent, mom… you have a lot on your plate. One of the last things you might think about doing is curling up and reading a good book. But I’m not talking about novels here, I’m talking about mind-expanding ideas and books related to learning.

Harness the power of your downtime to foster growth by reading.

To compensate for a lack of time, audiobooks are the best option. If you want to consume your books quickly, use Audible to listen at 2x speed or even up to 3.5x speed.

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