7 Open House Insider Tips To Make Your Listing Stand Out

Real Estate Heaven REH 7 Open House Insider Tips To Make Your Listing Stand Out

About 50 percent of homebuyers use open houses to help them find a home. You should wait until the night before or the morning of the open house to clean your property and make sure it looks spotless, is priced correctly, and is in an area with high traffic. Attention to detail will increase the chances of receiving a good offer from one of these open houses. So if you want to know more about these open house insider tips, then this blog is for you.

For today’s blog, exclusive to our Real Estate Heaven members, we will be giving you seven open house insider tips that will surely make your listing stand out. If you are someone who is new to the area, driving around on Saturdays and Sundays will help you keep tabs on housing inventory and local market information. Plus, it allows you to meet diverse listing agents that you may want to work with in the future. We have discovered new ways of holding open houses by applying this to my neighborhood by checking out popular trends with the help of other customers.


Real Estate Heaven REH 7 Open House Insider Tips To Make Your Listing Stand Out CoupleSome real estate agents don’t like hosting open houses because they feel it’s beneath them or that they are doing the homeowner a favor. This may be because of their failure of imagination. An open house offers many opportunities for the listing agent to engage with prospective clients and grow their business at the same time. Here are some ways an event like that might be beneficial.

First off is to make it an event. You can impress a lot of people at your open house by getting a lot of signs and putting on an event to attract attention. For example, you could bring in food trucks, cotton candy and popcorn machines, or other things to make it exciting for those who come to see the house. Knock on doors or send out flyers to the surrounding area, then live stream the festivities onto your social media platforms. Your goal is not just to advertise for your property listing, but for yourself and your service as well. If you want to be successful with listing your home, you should follow up personally with the neighborhood and serve coffee or snacks. And don’t forget to document it on social media so as not only to promote the listing but also your skills and company.


Real Estate Heaven REH 7 Open House Insider Tips To Make Your Listing Stand Out DealsNext is to make sure that you capture information to grow your database. Registering who is coming through your open house will help you prove that it is you, the homeowner, who is responsible for their interest in the property. This will ensure a smoother transaction if the listing expires or cancels because there would be exclusions from the procuring cause clause in your contract. Once you collect the appropriate contact information, use it to grow your database. Make sure that you include teammates or neighbors on your next listing and reach out to them before the new house list goes live. Add unrepresented buyers and keep in touch until they either sign up with you or ask to be taken off of your database.

Third, you have to get out from behind the laptop. Bring an assistant with you to keep the line moving and make every visitor feel welcomed. Don’t just be a host that checks people in and waves hello as they leave–stand out from your competition by having a conversation with them. Your role is not to play receptionist, checking folks in when they arrive and waving goodbye as they leave. You’re the host — interacting, answering questions, and chatting them up.


Real Estate Heaven REH 7 Open House Insider Tips To Make Your Listing Stand Out DoorsDon’t forget to treat it like a listing consultation. Don’t write off those people that you think are just there for the free refreshments. Remember they may be coming over because they’re thinking about putting their own home on the market. Take the time to get to know people, share your personal stories and make an appointment with them for a future time. This will introduce you as a potential realtor when they are looking for someone, which helps establish relationships.

Buyers need a real estate agent to help them understand what they can afford for a new home. Bring a lender with you to your first open house, and let them show you the difference in interest rates from various banks and how mortgage terms affect your ability to afford the house. Lenders will be able to help you with the math and show you what’s possible in today’s market. They can break down current interest rates, mortgage terms, and potential ROI for your market.

Next is that you have to provide information that adds value. Create attractive marketing materials for visitors to take with them, including flyers with basic information about the home, floorplan printouts with measurements, complete features lists for the property, pre-inspection or pre-appraisal information, estimates for improvements or renovations from a local contractor, and answer questions and handle objections before they arise by providing meaningful information upfront for buyers and their agents.


And lastly, remember to follow up after the open house. Use the information you collected at the open house to follow up with your potential customers in a meaningful way. Don’t just ask for feedback on the property. Reach out to them and helpfully answer any questions, concerns, or pain points that they might have shared.

Connect with people at your open houses by showing off what you have to offer. Every time you host an open house, there are potential buyers and sellers who need to see the property for themselves. Open houses are a major marketing event for your business. This gives remote buyers the opportunity to see your products in person and learn about them firsthand.

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