Succeeding in the real estate market begins with making connections in your market. You may already have a go-to home staging service or mortgage lender.

But, these professional connections only come in handy when you actually have clients to move through your sales process. To reach your audience, you need to market yourself. One of the best ways to do so is through social media marketing like Instagram.

Instagram is simple to manage once you know all the ways it can work for your business. Here are a few tips and tricks to get the most out of this real estate marketing tool.

1. Start with Your Handle

Your handle is what users will know you as. This is what they type in to find you and how they talk about your account in conversation.

As such, make it something that is unique but also an accurate reflection of your business. The easiest way to do this is by using the actual company name you work for.

If you work independently, make your real estate Instagram handle your name. Use your first and last name if your first name is already taken. To make your handle even more unique, add your middle initial or a period or underscore somewhere in the typing.

Don’t forget to customize the name on your profile.

This is different than your handle/username. The profile name is where you can type your full name out as normal (instead of sans-spacing) or use a nickname.

2. Know Your Angles

Visual content is the foundation of Instagram.

This means you need to know your angles. Use your headshot and other professional quality photos when posting something of yourself.

More importantly, capture the unique, eye-grabbing angles within each property you are trying to sell. The right shot of an open kitchen, a special view from the living room, or a dreamy walk-in closet can make a big difference.

These are what stop people from scrolling and notice your real estate marketing.

3. Find Your Filter

To make your posts even better, use filters. But, keep the use of this tool simple. You should have one or two filters you use for every post.

This helps create a brand image for your real estate marketing efforts. Such a result can boost brand recognition and loyalty with your audience. It makes all of your posts look even better together when someone clicks on your page, too.

Keep your filters consistent and watch how users fall in love with all the different kinds of homes – and their great angles – that you share.

4. Use Hashtags

Once the visual part of your Instagram post is ready, you have to write a stellar caption to match. Captions can take on many forms.

You may use one post to talk about information and updates. Informative topics include a new listing, an upcoming open house, or a SOLD notice for a listing.

Other captions can be more casual. Share a few pictures from time to time that are a bit personal. Talk about a success story you had with a buyer or seller, or a reason why you love the real estate firm you work for.

Such topics make your Instagram real estate marketing sound less like sales and more like a genuine connection. They break up all the offers and events you have available and focus on your personal brand.

5. Tell Stories

Another way to be more genuine with your real estate marketing approach is to make use of Instagram stories.

Stories are all about showing your audience what happens behind the scenes of your account. Use this feature to take leads on a quick, virtual tour of a new listing. Maybe even just post the lunch you’re having or the new business cards you ordered.

These everyday moments have a big impact on your social presence. They keep you engaged with your audience in a way that is relatable.

6. Engage with the Local Community

Speaking of engaging with your audience, make an effort to connect with your local community online. This is particularly valuable for your real estate marketing if you have a focus on one city or neighborhood.

Tag the accounts of businesses you interact with on a regular basis. This may be the coffee shop you love to work from, the bakery that makes food for your open house, or the cleaning service that just got your car ready for a day of house-hunting with clients.

Whatever business you’re working with, if it’s local, tag them. Do this on regular posts as well as stories and even in some comments.

You can tag and communicate with national businesses, too.

7. Hire the Professionals

You wouldn’t advise someone to buy or sell a house without a realtor, right? In the same light, you shouldn’t take on real estate marketing for yourself without some professional help.

There are real estate marketing agencies out there committed to helping you put yourself out there. These people know the ins and outs of Instagram.

They can show you the way to work Instagram for businesses and take your marketing ideas to the next level. This opens the door for you to run ads, track your account’s performance, and more.

Does this sound like too much to handle?

That’s another benefit of using such a service. A professional marketing team saves you time and allows you to focus on what you do best – buying and selling homes. Let them focus on everything from real estate branding to building engagements while you hit the streets.

Other Tools to Build Your Real Estate Marketing Performance

Think you’re ready to master the ways of Instagram?

Great — but that is only one part of your marketing campaign! There is an extensive amount of marketing tools available to help you grow your real estate business.

Some operate in similar online social spaces, while others are all about boosting your print campaigns or driving traffic to your website. Click here to discover some easily accessible marketing ideas to use.