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6 Tips for Using YouTube to Get More Clients

YouTube can be a goldmine of potential leads for your business. I know because I get the majority of my buyer and seller clients from my YouTube channel. Not just leads, actual clients that turn into closings.

But there is a secret to making your YouTube channel work for you. Here are six tips to getting people to tune into your videos and get to know you.

1. Think variety

They can’t all be listing tours. Tours of your new listings are extravagant and required, but a large number of agents don’t put themselves in the video and don’t even do a voiceover. The primary goal of YouTube is for your viewers to get to know, like and trust you. They can’t do that if you are not on camera.

When you make your listing videos, consider being in the actual video. Give the audience an introduction, and use a conclusion to wrap it up at the end. Do a voiceover for the whole tour. This allows the viewer to connect with you, not just look at the house itself.

They may not like that house, but they may love your personality and choose to connect with you even though that house was not perfect for them.

2. Be consistent

You can’t just post a video whenever you have the extra time and think that the YouTube algorithm will push your content out. Have a consistent posting time, whether that’s once a week or once every two or three times a week.

Figure out what you can commit to, and don’t overextend yourself. It’s better to put out one video a week every single week without failing to do three this week, none next week and one the week after.

3. Be strategic about the title

Choose a title for the video that somebody would actually search for. If you give your video a title that nobody ever types into the search bar, it’s going to get very few views.

Calling your video “Jason’s blog episode number 72” is not Google-friendly. But calling your video “How to stage your home on a budget” is far more likely to be found in a YouTube or Google search.

And yes, if you have a video that is ranking high in the YouTube search results, you can absolutely show up on the first page of Google search results. That’s your goal.

4. Ask for subscribers

If you are putting out quality, consistent content people will automatically subscribe because they’re finding value in it. But don’t forget to ask for it as well.

With every video I make I encourage people to comment, hit the like button, and subscribe to the channel. Many people who watch YouTube videos will just sit there and watch and love your video but not engage unless you specifically ask them to do so. So don’t forget to ask.

5. Give value

Figure out what people are interested in learning about, and make videos on that topic. Don’t be in sales. They came to learn something, not buy something. If they are interested in learning about a neighborhood in your town, take them on a driving tour of the neighborhood.

Show them the golf course, the pool and the local coffee shop that’s right across the street from the neighborhood. Tell them what the average house price is and how long homes are taking to sell. Freely give them all of this information in a conversational and friendly manner.

6. Include a call to action

Wrap up with a call to action (CTA) that is still providing value and not asking for the sale. “If you know anyone who’s looking to buy or sell, call me” is not a good CTA.

Instead, offer them something else of value. Maybe you did another video about a different neighborhood in the same town that they might like better. Link to that video, and tell them to watch that next. Or have a free guide that they can download from your website.

It has to be good because they’re going to trade their contact information for that freebie. A generic buyer or seller’s guide probably won’t be enticing enough, but how about a relocation guide or how to use your VA entitlement to buy a home with $0 down payment or a home inspection checklist? These are all lead magnets that I have used successfully, and they get plenty of downloads.

Employing a solid YouTube strategy has been the most effective, more profitable and most fun type of lead generation that I’ve ever done in my 14 years in real estate. I would encourage you to take the time to make videos about topics that your ideal client wants to learn about.

Be yourself on camera, show your personality, be consistent, and you will start to get business from it if you stick with it.


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