10 Characteristics Sucessful Real Estate Agents Should Have10 Characteristics Successful Real Estate Agents Should Have

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The mentality of a can versus I can’t. The outlook of a can versus I won’t. The skills knowing what to do and what to say. The exercises which you and I both know require a great deal of work to be associated with exercises that lead to listings and deals on a weekly basis. And afterward obviously making a move each day. So these 10 points will fall under the class of mindset exercises. Let’s go through the first 10 today. We should check whether we can get you to incorporate them into your subconscious mind and make you use them in your everyday work. No order of significance on these 10, here’s number one.

1. Think Non-Stop

There’s two different ways to think. I can contemplate what I can achieve, where I can go, what can occur in a positive manner in my life. Or on the other hand I can think little, planning to get by from day to day, week to week. Most real estate people don’t think enormous, and it’s not because they do not want to. They don’t have a clue how to! Thinking big is a process—a well ordered process you can pursue to change as much as you can. In the event that someone is earning a million dollars per year, they’re absolutely thinking much greater than the vast majority think.

2. Concentrate on the Big Picture

There are numerous photos we carry inside our mind. We envision ourselves just like a decent real estate individual. Possibly we picture ourselves driving down the road, seeing a For Sale By Owner and supposing we can list that property. Or on the other hand we envision ourselves just like an individual that can never be highly productive, that can never be extremely successful.

The big picture is your production, your salary, your way of life. The general population that are making a million dollars a year have painted an image that they take a gander at constantly. Of the levels of success that they will accomplish, that they will achieve. They focus on the big picture.

3. Try not to Sweat the Small Stuff

They don’t sweat or stress over the little stuff. Someone said one time you know, what is the big stuff in life? Birth and demise. What’s in the middle? The little stuff. Individuals that make a great deal of cash don’t sweat those little subtleties. They’re engaged obviously and completing the subtleties, ensuring they track their numbers, on learning what to say. Be that as it may, these are extremely the little things throughout everyday life, on the grounds that once you’ve taken in the numbers and once you’ve concentrated on what you need to say, the big picture is the thing that you need to concentrate on. Try not to sweat or stress over the little stuff. It’s always going to be out there in life.

4. Concentrate on What You Can Do (Not What You Can’t)

They think what they can do not what they can’t do. I’ll say to a real estate individual would you be able to list three, four, five homes per month. “Oh, I don’t think I can do that!” Well you’re correct. When someone discloses to me they can’t accomplish something, the voter is unanimous. Consider what you can do.

What are your assets? What are your qualities? Make a rundown of them as this new year starts. Consider putting those benefits, those qualities to work for you in your business, in your life consistently. That is the thing that you can do. However, in case you’re just contemplating what you can’t do, you will be overpowered. You will be solidified, you’re not going to achieve, you’re not going to push forward. You’re not going to follow your schedule, you’re not going to prospect. That is not the sort of life you need to live.

5. Don’t Let Negativity Drag You Down

They work day by day on keeping negativity out of their business and their life. We live in a negative world. The news is negative. Regardless of whether it be print news or tuning in to the radio or sitting in front of the TV or having discussions with the most people. The negativity is strong. You must keep the negativity out, which means once in a while you need to lessen the exposure you have to ration the time you spend with other people. You know, on the off chance that you walk in the office and you have another listing in your grasp, and you state, “gosh I got a listing!” And someone says, “It’ll never sell.” That’s not the sort of individual you need to invest energy with. Negativity is an extremely dangerous thing since it drags us down as opposed to building us up.

6. Remain Competitive for your Own Sake

They’re aggressive. The moguls are aggressive. You need to work with them. You want to work against them, because if you’re working against a highly productive agent you’re going to learn from their experience. What’s more, you’re going to win some of them, and you will lose some of them. In any case, these individuals are focused. They will take the necessary steps to ensure they win. They’re not going to give one barricade a chance to stop them. They’re not going to let one dismissal, one terminated listing. They are not going to let an arrangement that self-destructs stop them. They’re focused. They will pursue the objectives they’ve set, and they will accomplish the objectives they’ve set.

7. Remain Focused, Stay Energetic

Tremendous focus and energy on the objectives they’ve set. Alright. You have an objective for the year. What I needed to record right now what is your objective for generation. What is your objective for money. Alright. Watch. Tremendous focus and energy on that objective OK. You’re getting down to business five days seven days, five and a half days seven days. Why not give it five six seven hours of enormous vitality and center to achieve that objective that you’ve set. In the event that you do it and if the facts confirm that you become what you make of—Earl Nightingale’s well known expression—you’re going to win, and you will accomplish the objectives you have set.

8. Disappointment is Part of the Process

They acknowledge disappointment as a major aspect of the business. Some portion of the business. On the off chance that they list 70 percent of the sellers that they present to, they feel it’s a major win. What’s more, it is a major win. However, that implies 30 percent of the time, they didn’t get the listing, or basically, they fizzled. Be that as it may, they don’t concentrate on the disappointment. They center around the achievement. In the event that you prospect, and you converse with 20 individuals, and you just get one lead, 19 individuals fundamentally said no. They bombed multiple times. In any case, recall that disappointment is a piece of the way toward prevailing as an expert real estate individual.

9. Large amounts of Discipline Daily

They practice large amounts of every day discipline. You have a calendar, you must tail it! There’s going to be interference’s. Your phone is going to ring. Someone’s going to send you a text, an email. Individuals in the workplace meander by. There’s a hundred intrusions that occur! You’re late for an arrangement. At that point there’s a mishap, you can’t get by it quick enough. This is called life. You follow that schedule, you’re going to win.

10. In the event that Yes is Still an Option, Don’t Accept No

Try not to acknowledge a no when a yes is possibly still accessible. In selling and there’s called what we alluded to as the “reflex no”. “Hi, are you considering selling your home?” “No!” “Well, you’re not having any desire to sell your home?” “Well yes we are.” People program themselves to state no. It’s known as a reflex no. Well when you’re told “no,” and there’s still a “yes” looming out there you work to get to the “yes”. How would you get there? By asking great, oriented questions. Not by talking, by asking a great deal of questions.


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