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How Much is a Great View Worth REH Real Estate Downtown Los Angeles View from Loft

How Much is a Great View Worth?

How Much is a Great View Worth? Depending on what city and state you live in, you might have a ...
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50 New Affordable Housing Units Coming to Pasadena, as Demand Continues to Outpace Supply

50 New Affordable Housing Units Coming to Pasadena Fifty new affordable housing units are currently under construction in Pasadena – ...
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The Paint Colors That Sell and the Ones That Don’t

The Paint Colors That Sell and the Ones That Don’t Paint colors play a crucial role in successfully selling a ...
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Meridian Names Cypress West as Property Manager of Cotton Medical Center in Pasadena

Meridian Names Cypress West as Property Manager of Cotton Medical Center in Pasadena Meridian, a full-service real estate developer and ...
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3 Things Your Agent Should Do to Help You Find Your Dream Home

3 Things Your Agent Should Do to Help You Find Your Dream Home If you're working with a real estate ...
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Showcase Your Home Using This Fantastic Tool

Showcase Your Home Using This Fantastic Tool There are three reasons you need to be using 3-D virtual tours to ...
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Seeing a Home in Person vs. Searching Online

Seeing a Home in Person vs. Searching Online Seeing a home in person and seeing it in pictures online are ...
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Happy Holidays & Thank You for Working With Us!

Happy Holidays & Thank You for Working With Us! Happy Holidays! I’d like to thank all of you that trusted ...
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3 Qualities of a Good Realtor

3 Qualities of a Successful Real Estate Agent When you’re looking to hire a Realtor to help you buy or ...
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4 Things That Could Wreck Your Home Sale

4 Things That Could Wreck Your Home Sale Here are four things to avoid doing when selling your home: Setting ...
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A Snapshot of the Local Real Estate Market

Is it a buyer’s market or a seller’s market? As one of my most frequently asked questions, I can say ...
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My Real Estate Video Blog: A Resource For You

We have some exciting news - We are going to be sharing our real estate expertise with you here, on ...
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Foreign Home Buying Losing Momentum in CA

Foreign Home Buying Losing Momentum in CA According to a newly released CAR study “International buyers are accounting for the ...
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From a Boot On My Car to Grabbing My Booptstraps

In 2004 my 22 year old wife wife and I were reeling from a failing business venture and looking forward ...
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How to Sell Your Home After Labor Day

House-hunting season may have approached its official Labor Day end, but sellers shouldn't be so quick to pull their home ...
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Home Buyer Polygon Search

Draw on Map - Home Buyer Polygon Search REH Real Estate is proud to announce that the Home Buyer Polygon ...
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How To Network If You Don’t Have A Lot of “Free” Time

Networking is the most important task a realtor you can do; for the health and longevity of your business, this is an ...
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Ways To Increase The Value Of Your Home Before Selling

First-time homebuyers often find that they have an incredible wealth of information at their disposal. Family, friends, realtors and the ...
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The Importance of Remembering Names & the Best Ways to Remember Them

Remembering names is important for many reasons. The first is that it creates a better relationship; the other person you’re ...
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How To Make Yourself More Likeable

Maybe you weren’t born with a charismatic aura that draws people in… If you tend to be a bit shier ...
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The San Gabriel Valley: The Ultimate Place To Live

Home to a wide variety of cultures, shopping centers, spectacular restaurants and in ownership of a fantastic public educational system, ...
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How To Be A Better Negotiator

Negotiating is not only a very important part of the real estate world, but also an important part of life ...
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The Smartest Remodeling Projects for Homeowners to Complete

Remodeling projects can be exciting for homeowners, which allows them to personalize their home with their particular taste in mind ...
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Fine-Tuning Your Brand

Real estate agents and their branding are all vastly unique. But how does one stand out from the rest? To ...
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Tips For Moving Into A New Home

Moving into a new home is exciting! It represents a fresh beginning and a big step forward in your life! ...
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The Importance of Closing Gifts

Congratulations, you’ve have closed the sale on another home! After spending weeks or even months on call, shuttling your clients ...
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What Types of Emails You Should Send To Leads

Emails could easily be one of the most undervalued and underused methods of marketing. When we think “marketing,” we think ...
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Why It’s Important to Target Millennials

A millennial is classified as someone who is part of the group that follows Generation X. Generation X or “Gen ...
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Cadillac Auto Incentive Program

At REH Real Estate International, we are passionate about rewarding our Angels and staff for assisting in the growth of ...
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Why It’s Great to Be a Realtor

It’s a phenomenal time to be a real estate agent! Despite the housing market crash and the beginning of the ...
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Time Management

One of the biggest advantages of being a real estate agent is that you are your own boss, and one of ...
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Polishing Your Non-Verbal Communication Skills

Although you might not be conscious of certain non-verbal cues or messages that you send out, they can (and will) ...
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Excelling in Verbal Communication

Communicating exceptionally well with other realtors and clients is fundamental when working in the real estate industry... A real estate ...
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While you may not be buying a business or starting a brick and mortar store from scratch, as a realtor ...
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Selling The Lifestyle: Home Staging

Before you present your listing to any potential buyers, it’s of the utmost significance to make sure it has been ...
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It All Comes Down To Motivation

“The general desire of someone to do something and act upon it…” In real estate, staying motivated is the key ...
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Leadership Styles in the Real Estate Industry

When it comes to leadership and its various styles in relation to the real estate world, it is important to keep in ...
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Having a Non-Negotiable Attitude

I recently had the opportunity to visit Washington DC and attend the SINC Sports Industry Networking Conference during record breaking ...
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You’ve Got to LOVE What You Do

Living isn’t hard. Growing isn’t that hard either. We are no different than a seed, or an acorn, for instance ...
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How Basketball taught me Delayed Gratification

I played High School basketball and for a short period was coached under Eagle Rock High School legend scholar and ...
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Even the Big Boys & Gals Fail

Target announced today that they are leaving Canada, and will close all 133 stores, lay off 17600 workers. Some may ...
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2014 Award & Production Recognition Luncheon

On January 15, 2015 #RealEstateHeaven International had the honor and privilege of recognizing our staff, the "Angels" who have helped ...
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Ignorance on FIRE

When I first started my real estate career I was so excited that I would speak to anyone & everyone ...
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