From Beginner to Expert, there's a place for every phase of your career at REH Real Estate.


Complete All State Required Educational Courses with Live Instruction

Have you ever wanted to Be Your Own Boss with the absolute flexibility to not only control your schedule but to be able to control your income as well? A career as a Real Estate Salesperson can provide this, but the most rewarding experience is marking a client’s dreams come true.


There is NO pedigree for success (however you define it), BUT all successful people KNOW the immeasurable value of attending lectures, conferences, and training. There’s an incredible amount of sharing, learning, networking and leveraging that can happen when you attend these events.


What would Your Life be like if You Earned Enough to do the Things You Want to Do?

Real Estate Heaven International (REH) boasts one of the most aggressive & unique compensation plans in our industry and was designed to accomplish two distinct goals. First, handsomely compensate the agents & broker associates who consistently produce and second, reward those who assist in the overall development and growth of the company.


Join the Crusade

We’ve always wanted Real Estate Heaven International to be a place that brought together smart, talented people from a diversity of backgrounds, where the seeds of success could be planted, nurtured, and grown by some of the most unlikeliest of people. There isn’t, and never will be a tool that can measure human potential. This is why our doors are open to those who are willing to sacrifice today, what they can be tomorrow.


Think Outside the Box

What good is owning a $200,000 Italian sports car if you can’t drive it? Aside from it’s monetary value, NOTHING. We firmly believe that Real Estate Heaven boasts the most aggressive compensation plan for real estate agents in the industry.


Loan Originators Prepare to Take Flight

At Mortgage Heaven we are unabashedly passionate about making great Loan Originators greater, not making mediocre Loan Originators less mediocre. Any organization that does not require the absolute best from it’s team members, never has the power or discipline sufficient enough to produce the results that keep the clients coming back.


Luxury Real Estate is a skill that can be Taught & Learned

You have the potential to earn higher professional fees. It’s no secret that as Real Estate Practitioners we are compensated in direct proportion to the sales price of the home. The higher sales the prices, the higher the professional fee you earn.