Cadillac Auto Incentive Program

At REH Real Estate International, we are passionate about rewarding our Angels and staff for assisting in the growth of our company. By contributing to the overall development of REH, you, as a significant part of REH, are not only helping us to expand, but you are of course growing your own career as well! Stay motivated knowing that your continuous actions and hard work will not only positively impact REH, but positively add to your income, as well! You will not only earn more and higher commissions the more deals you close and the harder you work, but you will also be eligible for extra perks! There is no reason not to push yourself to reach your best and highest potential.

Any REH Real Estate Agent or Broker Associate that has a Generated Company Dollar (GCD) annually of $28,500 or more is entitled to our car incentive program. We are the only real estate firm to offer this package! To qualify, you must also have no less than 10 transactions in one year. If you qualify the program, it allows you to drive in a REH Real Estate Topaz Blue Cadillac CTS completely on our dime!


If Team Production has an annual GCD amount of $58,500 or more, and with no less than 35 transactions, the REH Real Estate Agent Parent Sponsor earns a “Black Raven” Cadillac Escalade. Team Production is defined as the GCD derived from personal sales production and the combined GCD of each REH Agents that are personally sponsored.


Cadillac believes that ‘only those who dare drive the world forward.’ REH Real Estate’s program allows you to drive two of the most luxurious cars Cadillac has to offer for being an active, successful agent. Cadillac also believes that safety starts with a strong foundation, which is why every Escalade is constructed using ultra-high strength steel alloys. It is also designed with strategic crumple zones that are made to help protect you and your passengers if the unexpected occurs. The Escalade offers more storage compartments than ever before, high level technology and an array of advanced utilities. This car is the perfect family mobile and is a wonderful for travel time and provides you with a lot of pull, allowing you to tow up to 8,300 lbs. Both the interior and exterior are crafted and formed with the finest materials capturing the essence of absolute luxury. Cadillac elevates expectations for the automotive world as a whole.

The CTS Sedan Cadillac has been created as a beautifully crafted vehicle that stands out among the worlds finest on the road. From its ingenious lightweight aluminum doors, to its powerful engines and signature LED lighting, this car has impressive horsepower and provides a seamlessly controlled ride. The CTS body incorporates crumple zones to help absorb and manage crash energy. This car also includes 10 standard airbags that help to keep you protected at every turn.

Cadillac automobiles are all about shaping your future and the future of the luxury automobile industry. Cadillac’s mission is to lead with highly aspirational products, advanced technology, superlative craftsmanship and a unique and beautiful design. Cadillacs are made from passion, excellence and attention to detail. Cadillac believes in quality and respect and aims to be the best in the industry, not the biggest. As an owner of a Cadillac, you get to experience the myriad of these benefits, from innovations to even a maintenance program. Cadillac offers more years of roadside assistance than any other leading luxury automaker and their program provides lockout, towing, refueling and many more services.


Cadillac follows the American dream. Defined by groundbreaking “firsts,” Cadillac is innovative, driven and unstoppable.

Congratulations to REH Real Estate’s NEWEST Cadillac Incentive recipient, Noé Piña. There is NO OTHER real estate company that has a car allowance incentive program built into their compensation package. Noé has successfully reached the Company Generated Dollar (GCD) requirements to drive in style in a brand new REH Real Estate Topaz Blue Cadillac ATS on our dime!

The 2015 Cadillac ATS at a glance…

-highly efficient 2.5L engine

-2.0: Turbo engine

-high performance 272 HP & 292 lb.-ft. of torque

-3.6L V6 engine

-2 EPA-estimated 21 city/30 highway MPG

-5 link independent rear suspension

-ZF premium steering

-includes OnStar, 4G LTE technology & built-in WiFi hotspot

-keyless entry

-push-button start

“one of the sharpest handling cars in its class…” –U.S. News

The interiors…

-aluminum sport pedals

-the finest available woods, brushed aluminum & carbon fiber trim

-illuminating door handles

-forged-aluminum wheels

Our car allowance incentive program is just but one of the many reasons to change your life and begin anew with REH Real Estate! We also boast one of the most aggressive & unique compensation plans in our industry. It was designed to accomplish two distinct goals: first, handsomely compensate our agents & broker associates who consistently produce and second, reward those who assist in the overall development and growth of the company.

Using this simple concept, In just over 3 years, we have amassed an agent roster of over 130 agents & broker associates that speak over 6 different languages, over 1/2 Billion Dollars in gross real estate sales, a ranking on the 2014 Inc. Magazine Annual Inc 5000 List as one of the fastest growing privately held companies in America, and a ranking as one the largest US-Hispanic Owned Businesses on the Hispanic Business 500 List. In addition its founders have been highlighted in business journals that include the Los Angeles Times & the Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch website.

To enjoy the financial rewards & benefits of working with REH or to start your real estate career, please call (626) 657-8736 and ask for Michelle Shimohara.

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